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Registered Osteopath / Registered Naturopathic Physician / Expert Witness with over forty years experience. Areas of expertise include: injuries caused by motor car accidents, occupational injuries and sports injuries.

With over 20 years experience as a surgeon, Stuart offers his expertise as an expert witness in matters relating to: Head and neck surgery including micro vascular reconstruction, oral rehabilitation, skin cancer, reconstructive surgery for malignancy, facial aesthetics, cancer surgery and facial trauma. 

Consultant Chartered Engineer, Telecommunications Expert Witness with over 40 years Telecoms experience in: patent infringement, equipment analysis/design, number portability infringement, telephone billing involving fraud, call fraud, regulation and standardisation. 

Specialist Expert Witness in Ischaemic  Heart disease, Coronary intervention and management of Heart attack.  A consultant for over 20 years, Dr Penny has experience in all aspects of adult cardiology. 

Extensive experience of UK & international clinical governance, regulatory procedures, service development, reconfiguration & delivery, particularly in the field of cancer/oncology services. Experience in medico legal work for over 20 years - new to Expert Witness Today .

Investigation Practice in Conservation, Building Pathology, Structural Inspection & Materials.  Experience in resolution of disputes and detailed case preparation where a range of structural, architectural, and building issues are involved. 

Expert Witness Investigations/opinion on:  Urological surgery, urological malignancy, delayed diagnosis of urological conditions, urinary incontinence, complications of TVT/TOT mesh surgery, clinical negligence, informed consent and personal injury including genito urinary tract injury, renal and pelvic trauma and erectile dysfunction.  

New expert profile for Cadogans - Expert Engineers/Chartered Engineers.  Expert Witness Directory and Expert Witness today welcomes Cadogans Expert Engineers.

Dr Gray specialises in Dentistry/Oral Surgery and has extensive experience writing medico legal reports: Compensation, trauma, negligence, personal injury and assessment. Specialist in Oral Surgery Temporomandibular Disorders is now a Member of

Clinical Psychology Expert Witness services and Psychology Consulting Services is now a Member of